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What Records Are Public In Washington?

In Washington, the public records law is known as the Public Records Act, found in Chapter 42.56 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). Under this law, all records held by government agencies are presumed to be public unless otherwise exempted by a specific statute. Washington's Public Records Act allows any person to request access to public records, which are defined as any writing containing information prepared, owned, used, or retained by a state or local agency, regardless of physical format or characteristics. This can include emails, photographs, videos, databases, memos, and much more. However, there are certain categories of records that are exempt from disclosure under the law, including but not limited to medical records, certain law enforcement records, certain investigatory records, and sensitive personal information. In addition to exempting certain types of records, the law also allows agencies to redact certain information from public records in order to protect privacy or other interests. It is important to note that while the Public Records Act provides a strong presumption of public access, it is not an absolute right. Agencies may deny requests for public records based on a variety of factors, including exemptions, redactions, and reasons such as undue burden or invasion of personal privacy. In conclusion, while Washington's Public Records Act generally provides broad access to government records, it is important to be aware of the exemptions and limitations that may apply. The RCW Chapter 42.56 can be consulted for more information on public records in Washington State.

Who Do You Contact For Public Records In Washington?

In Washington State, the agency responsible for maintaining and providing public records is the Office of the Secretary of State. This agency oversees the State Archives, which preserves and maintains records of historical significance, as well as the State Records Center, which provides public access to records that are less than 25 years old. To request public records from the Office of the Secretary of State, individuals can submit a request to the agency's Public Records Officer. Requests can be submitted online, by mail, or by email. The agency also provides a Public Records Request Center, where individuals can submit and track their requests online. Before submitting a request, it is important to note that not all records in Washington are considered public records. Some records, such as those that contain sensitive personal information or are related to ongoing investigations, may be exempt from disclosure under state law. Additionally, while the Office of the Secretary of State is responsible for providing access to many state records, other agencies and local governments may have their own public records programs. For example, the City of Seattle maintains its own public records request system, and requests for records from other state agencies may need to be directed to the appropriate agency's public records officer. Overall, while Washington State has a strong commitment to openness and transparency, obtaining public records can be a complex process that varies depending on the agency or government entity involved.

How Do I Make A Change To Public Records In Washington?

In the state of Washington, making changes to public records involves following specific processes and procedures. If you are seeking to make a change to a public record in Washington, the first step is to identify the agency or department responsible for maintaining the record. Once you have this information, you can contact the agency to find out the steps necessary to request a change. In some cases, the agency may have forms that need to be filled out in order to request a change. Other times, a written request may need to be submitted that includes specific details on the requested change. The agency will then review the request and determine if the change is permissible according to state law. If your request is denied, you have the option to file an appeal which will be reviewed by a state administrative law judge. On the other hand, if the change is approved, the agency will make the necessary updates to the record and provide you with a copy of the revised record. It is important to note that public records in Washington are subject to disclosure under the state's Public Records Act. This means that any updated or revised records may be released to the public upon request, unless they contain confidential or sensitive information that is exempt under state law. In summary, in the state of Washington, making changes to public records involves identifying the responsible agency, submitting a request following specific procedures, awaiting a decision, and potentially filing an appeal. It is important to remember that public records are subject to disclosure under the state's Public Records Act.

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Muriel Bowser Mayor of D.C. 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20004 Contact
Brian Schwalb D.C. Attorney General 400 6th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001 Contact
Anita Bonds D.C. City Council Member 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20004 Contact
Christina Henderson D.C. City Council Member 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20004 Contact
Kenyan R. McDuffie D.C. City Council Member 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20004 Contact
Robert C. White, Jr. D.C. City Council Member 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20004 Contact
Phil Mendelson D.C. City Council Chairman 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20004 Contact

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